David H. Wise

David H. WiseAssociate Director, Institute for Environmental Science and Policy
Professor of Ecology and Evolution,
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Illinois at Chicago
845 West Taylor Street
3476 SES, MC 066
Phone: 312-413-9191
Email: dhwise@uic.edu

Dr. Wise’s Lab Website

Ph.D.,  University of Michigan, 1974
M.S.,   University of Michigan, 1969
B.A.,   Swarthmore College, 1967

Previous Positions
2006            Fulbright Scholar, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
1993-2006   Professor of Entomology, University of Kentucky
1981-1993   Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC);
                    Associate Professor of Zoology, University of Maryland College Park
1985-1986   Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellow, University of Göttingen, Germany
1976‑1981   Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, UMBC
1974‑1976   Assistant Professor of Biology, University of New Mexico
1970‑1971   Lecturer in Zoology, University of Michigan
1969‑1970   Instructor in Biology, Albion College

David Wise joined the University of Illinois at Chicago in November 2006 as Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and affiliated researcher in the Institute for Environmental Science and Policy. Prof. Wise’s research program investigates the causes and implications of food-web complexity and explores how human-induced impacts, such as global climate change and habitat modification, will affect the functioning of terrestrial food webs. Many controversies in ecology continue because we are largely ignorant of the functional consequences of biodiversity. For example: What is the relationship between species diversity and the number, complexity and strength of pathways of direct and indirect effects in food webs?  How do species interactions in complex food webs affect ecosystem processes such as primary production and litter decomposition? Prof. Wise’s research group relies on field experimentation, laboratory behavioral experiments, multivariate analyses of field surveys, and stable isotope analyses to investigate trophic structure and connections between sub-webs; molecular techniques to identify and quantify predator-prey interactions in nature; meta-analyses of published studies; and mathematical modeling. Additional information is available on his lab website. Dr. Wise is also Co-Chair of the Chicago Wilderness Science Committee.

Before joining the UIC community, Prof. Wise focused on arthropod-dominated food webs of the forest floor and on small-scale agroecosystems.  His research group continues basic research on the ecology of food webs, and also has expanded the scope of the research program to include topics central to understanding the structure and dynamics of metropolitan socio-ecological systems.  Prof. Wise and his students also are investigating food-web structure and functioning in the context of habitat fragmentation, invasive species, and ecological restoration in diverse landscapes of metropolitan Chicago — forests, prairies and wetlands.

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