Dean A. Massey

Visiting Research Specialist, Institute for Environmental Science and Policy
University of Illinois at Chicago
2121 West Taylor Street
SPHW, MC 922
Phone: 312-355-1051

Dean Massey has worked on projects developing agent-based models of integrated land-use and hydrologic processes, transportation, and collective decision-making. One of his current projects is to create a model for the Argentine Pampas to investigate the interactions between climate, land cover, and groundwater levels. Future work on the project will explore agricultural decision making rules in more detail. Another endeavor involves updating and adapting a hydrological model, which he and a team created as part of a prior project for Illinois EPA, for use as an engagement tool. The team uses the model in workshops with stakeholders in the Chicago region to explore the implications of green infrastructure placement at neighborhood and regional scales.

The image below shows an example of his work. The picture is a map of flooding in a stylized Chicago-area neighborhood, where surface water is shown scaled from white (shallowest) to dark blue (deepest) and grey areas are dry. In mush of this landscape, flooding is limited to roads, but the lower left corner, where the elevation is lowest, experiences severe flooding. The model allows exploration of different layouts of green infrastructure to see their impact on flooding.


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