Faculty Research Cluster

The faculty research cluster is conceived as a mechanism for the recruitment and development of new research projects under the guidance of IESP within the departmental structure of the University. The appointment will consist of a mini-grant that will provide seed funding to faculty research teams wishing to jointly explore a research theme or a portfolio of research projects that will over time develop into full research proposal for external funding. IESP envisions the faculty research teams or clusters to consist of two or more researchers from different academic disciplines. All full-time tenured and tenure-track and clinical faculty at the rank of assistant professor and above are eligible for this award.

IESP funding for faculty research clusters may be used for any legitimate purpose that advances the research agenda. This includes summer salary for cluster members, as a means to offset teaching duties during the academic year, or for travel necessary to develop a full proposal. Additionally, awarded researchers will be expected to participate in the intellectual development of the Institute in addition to jointly pursue their proposed research project. Such activities include:

  • Implementation of their proposed research projects and publications
  • Development and submission of external grant proposals with a strong emphasis on ones that involve other scholars within other disciplines
  • Participation in the development of IESP-sponsored activities, including seminars, lectures and meetings.


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